Market Akodessewa Fetish Market in Togo is the recognized largest fetish-markets in the world. Here, each shaman and medicine man will find everything you need for their rituals. Vuduizm originated in West Africa long before Americans turned it into a slave continent. In countries such as Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, the practice is thriving and sow per day.

Many believe in the healing properties of various animal parts, and believe that the unusual charms and rituals of fire can cause the spirits and help people in solving their problems. It is in this market add to their reserves healers at the sight of that creepy.
Market Akodessewa Fetish Market is located in Lomo, the capital of Togo. Just imagine that it is also a pharmacy in the open air, where a variety of body parts of animals, figurines made of bones and various herbs used in traditional medicine.
From afar, the market looks like rows of dusty, abandoned wooden tables. But it is necessary to come closer and see the piles of heads, tails, skins and limbs of various animals, once you realize that was on Akodessewa Fetish Market. You will be greeted immediately senior local voodoo, which will offer an excursion on the market. You do not have time to recover, as the monkey's paw, or buy a gazelle's head. This is absolutely crazy place.
Local traders know how to climb up to you and get under the skin to get at least a souvenir. Goods are delivered to the market from all over West Africa, and regardless of your problems for you something will be found. Local healers say they can help everyone in the world. And every time when dealing with all other alternatives have been exhausted, people come to look for solutions on the market Akodessewa.
The couple, which did not get to have children, the goalkeeper who wants to work a miracle in the next match, a runner who needs additional power to overcome life's marathon. All these people to help in the biggest market in the world of the shaman.
All you need is a black powder of herbs and animal parts that must be rubbed into the "patient." It is true that before you apply a miracle cure, would have put three cut on his chest or back. But you need not know about it.

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